This is the place where all the core NOMRHIS documentation is placed.

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NOMRHIS is a sort of standard defining a complex browsing system. It is currently bound to specific implementation but designed to be as portable as possible. First of all, it is a way of network interaction. In short words, browser says to server "Let me in, teach me how to talk (by giving me some scripts) and than lets talk". The browsable content format itself isn't somehow specified. Instead there's a program interface to reproduce content (e. g. display 3D-scene or 2D graphics, playback audio, etc.).

Process of browsing internals

Act of visiting each site usually consists of several phases:

  • Getting site coordinates (connection scheme, host, port and site name)
  • Connecting to host:port
  • Requesting for entering and entering specified site available through established connection
  • Executing initial scripts
  • Loading additional data (models, textures, scripts, etc.)
  • Loading UI and levels
  • Browsing

How to use documentation

The best way to get the idea of what NOMRHIS is is to pass learning steps from Learning curve page. It will give you complete overview of a whole thing and then will introduce each subsystem in details.

Anyway if you are desperate about it all, write me or to mailing list.

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