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A set of modules not involved into tough business is known as utilities. There are several subgroups

Basic Lua modules

These are modules included in standard Lua distribution:

Bitwise operations module

This module should be considered temporary decision since Lua 5.2 bitwise operations module among basic modules.

See the module homepage:

Perl Compatible Regular Expressions

It is taken from Lrexlib projection and applied as pcre module.

See the module reference (NOTE: only pcre part is taken):

Utf-8 string manipulation module

The module is taken from Selene project. It uses only utf8 module from slnunicode module. It is very close to string module.

See the module reference:

Time module

This module is designed to operate on time object holding time length with nano-precision. It can also obtain current session time.

See the module reference:

Math module set

The set of modules designed for mathematical operations related to computer graphics and physics. Each object represents a fixed-size object. Each object type has both single and double precision object. This is needed for interaction with GLSL.

Object operations don't allow precision mixing. The only way to switch precision is by using counterparts constructor (e. g. mat4 (dmat4 ()))

Welcome to doom:

Byte array module

This is a module for operating byte array of size chosen once at construction time. It is used for decoding images, rasterizing fonts and more.

It also provides functions for packing to and unpacking from strings and byte arrays.

See the module reference:

System module

This module contains several methods related to frame rendering, network interaction and some other.

See the module reference:

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